Applications :: Mineral Exploration

Gas pipeline route selection

Geophysical investigations along the proposed pipeline route will assist in characterizing subsurface conditions and potential geohazards on lake/sea bed.

Gas pipeline river crossing

Marine geophysical survey provides very useful information about subsurface stratigraphy and conditions at river crossings.

Power plant electrical grounding

A four-electrode wenner array resistivity sounding technique is commonly used to measure soil resistivity for grounding site selection.

Power plant site selection

Geophysical investigation for power plant site selection includes:

  • Determining depth to bedrock,
  • Locating faults in bedrock,
  • Determining soil and rock shear strength, and
  • Identifying voids, sinkholes

Windmill site selection

Downhole seismic survey provides soil and rock modulus for windmill site selection. In addition, seismic refraction and surface wave surveys are also commonly used to get the p-wave and s-wave velocities of the soil and rock providing soil velocity increases with depth.  1.425.890.4321 Redmond, WA, USA
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